China Pintejin Group is a trusted online china laser cutting services supplier that is able to provide custom laser cutting and sheet metal parts for your project with top quality and fast shipping,variety of materials available to meet the needs of different industries!

Production Facilities

  • Low setup costs mean low prices for large volumes
  • Parts delivered in just 5-10 days
  • Bead blasting, anodizing, plating, powder coating and custom finishes
  • Thickness options:Variety of gauges available
  • Laser Cutting Or Sheet metal produces durable parts for prototyping or end use
Laser Cutting » Production Facilities

China Top Production Facilities – Your Manufacturing Partner

Pintejin has dedicated Laser cutting、cnc bending and sheet metal facilities to serve your needs. We have more than hundreds of machines in three facilities.

  • Significant capacity allows us to take on the large projects.
  • Laser cutting equipment dedicated for production machining is still the largest part of our business.
  • Hi-Tech Laser cutting equipment with Hi-speed cutting options allows us to fabrication parts cost effectively.
  • PINTEJIN facilities are fully managed by ProShop ERP Software for consistent workflow from order to delivery.
  • Post-processing high precision parts with (CNC) Computer Numerical Control Machining is one of our key capabilities. Our highly skilled team of Prototype Machinists, Manufacturing Engineers and Operators can deliver your parts with high quality and on time delivery.

At Pintejin, we utilize several types of laser cutting equipment to efficiently produce accurate high-precision parts. Our unmatched precision ultimately yields significant cost savings for our clients, eliminating costs associated with multiple suppliers for our customers.

Laser Cutting Equipment

Laser Cutting range — carbon steel: 1~40mm, stainless steel: 1~40mm, aluminum alloy: 1~40mm, brass: 1~20mm

12000W 8m 2.5m Hans Laser Cutter
12000W 8m 2.5m Hans Laser Cutter
8000W 6M Hans Laser-Cutter
8000W 6M Hans Laser Cutter
6000W 6M Hans Laser Cutter
6000W 6M Hans Laser Cutter
4000W 8m Hans Laser Cutting Machine
4000W 8m Hans Laser Cutter
4M Hydraulic Shearing Machine
4M Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Trulaser Machine 3030
Trulaser Machine 3030
Feiyue 4050 Fiber Laser Cutter
Feiyue 4050 Fiber Laser Cutter
HACH Laser Cutter
HACH Laser Cutter

Sheet Metal And Cnc Bending Equipment

PINTEJIN’s custom sheet metal fabrication facilities and service offer a fast and cost-effective solution for your projects. Services including bending, punching, cutting standard gauge metal for both prototypes and volume production runs.

MERUGA Bending Machine
LFK NCP 100 32
LFK NCP 100 32
DERAIECH Bending Machine
ABSOLUTE Cnc Bending Machine
TruPunchs 1000 Press
TruPunchs 1000 Press
1600 Tons 8M LVD-HD CNC Bending Machine
1600t 8M LVD-HD Bending Machine
800 Tons 6M LVD-HD CNC Bending Machine
800t 6M LVD-HD Bending Machine
160 Tons 3.2M LVD-HD CNC Bending Machine
160t 3.2M LVD-HD Bending Machine
100 Tons 3.2M ACCUR Press
100 Tons 3.2M ACCUR Press
63 Tons 2M ACCUR Press
63 Tons 2M ACCUR Press

Other Production Facilities

Fanuc Welding Robot
Fanuc Welding Robot
Industry Welding Robot
Industry Welding Robot
VK8G V-cutting Machine
VK8G V-cutting Machine
SHENTGK Metal Deburring Machine
SHENTGK Metal Deburring Machine
LEAD Laser 4020
LEAD Laser 4020
Stainless Steel Leveling Equipment
Stainless Steel Leveling Equipment
CMM Inspection Machine
CMM Inspection Machine
Concentricity Measurement
Concentricity Measurement
MPI NoiseShield™
MPI NoiseShield™
Projector And Micrometer
Projector And Micrometer
205m large hanging line oven assembly line
205m large hanging line oven assembly line
large cnc machining factory
large cnc machining factory-belongs to the Pintejin Group

Equipment List In Pintejin

Machine NameSerial NumberQuantity(Set)Introduction Time
12000W 8m 2.5m Hans Laser Cutter612016
8000W 6M Hans Laser-Cutter61 2016
6000W 6M Hans Laser Cutter61 2016
4000W 8m Hans Laser Cutting Machine61 2016
4M Hydraulic Shearing Machine61 2016
1600 Tons 8M LVD-HD CNC Bending Machine31 2016
800 Tons 6M LVD-HD CNC Bending Machine31 2016
160 Tons 3.2M LVD-HD CNC Bending Machine31 2016
100 Tons 3.2M ACCUR Press31 2016
63 Tons 2M ACCUR Press31 2016
VK8G V-cutting Machine2112021
SHENTGK Metal Deburring Machine2212021
LEAD Laser 40202312021
Stainless Steel Leveling Equipment2412021
Fanuc Welding Robot181 2016
Industry Welding Robot191 2016
205m Large Hanging Line Oven Assembly Line201 2016
Feiyue 6050 Fiber Laser Cutter712014
Feiyue 2030 Fiber Laser Cutter712015
Feiyue 1113 Fiber Laser Cutter 7 12013
Feiyue 6580 Fiber Laser Cutter712014
Feiyue 4050 Fiber Laser Cutter71 2014
Feiyue 800 Tube Laser Cutter73 2014
Feiyue 5030 Tube Laser Cutter71 2014
Feiyue 6510 Fiber Laser Cutter71 2014
Feiyue 1015 Fiber Laser Cutter712015
High Power Laser Tube Cutting Machine112015
High Power Laser Plate Cutting Machine212015
Absolute Bending Machine312017
Belgium 4 Meters 200 Tons Bending Machine412017
Equipment 110 Tons 3.3 Meters512017
German IPG Fiber Laser812018
Hong Kong Leung Fat Kee 3m 160 Ton Bending Machine912018
Large Rolling Machine1022018
Sealing Strip Dispenser1112018
Spraying Workshop Assembly Line1212019
Spraying Workshop Assembly Line2131 2019
Tru Laser 3030 Laser Cutting Machine141 2019
Tru Punch 1000 CNC Punching Machine151 2019
TRUMPF Press1612020
Welding Processing Equipment1722021

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About Pintejin Laser Cutting Company

Pintejin Group was founded in 1995, which is an company with core technology and independent intellectual property rights, we are committed to the development of laser cutting capabilities and excellent services. Since 2007, our quality management system has been regularly certified to ISO-9001 and ITAF 16949. Pintejin offers one shop for all your production laser cutting and sheet metal parts.Other capabilities include fabrication, press brake forming, bending, contract manufacturing, punching and welding.

  • Volume: 1-1000K+ Parts
  • Quoting: Within 24 Hours
  • Delivery: In As Fast As 5 Day
  • Materials: Metals And Other
  • Experience: Since 1995
  • Part Size: Ranging Custom
  • Tolerances: +/- 0.1mm
  • Price: Start From 100USD

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